Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time Fly's

So I was checking out my so called blog.......and I felt a little sad. All of the post about Nick playing football and going to first grade are now Kael and Gabe:(. Baby Knox isn't even mentioned and Nick is now a 4th grader! CRaZy!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


So this morning we were in cleaning the boys room and guess what I found................ a bugger wall YUCK!! Boys are so gross, my brothers did that when we were growing up!! My boys are only 7 & 4, they are only bound to get even grosser with age. Heaven help me!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Why We Pass Gas,according to NIcholas

We all know that everyone passes gas, as much as us women like to think that we would never do that. We all know why yada yada yada. So tonight the boys were full of energy and extremely restless laughing and giggling over everything. Just as we were kneeing down for prayers I happened to pass gas(i know it was my first time ever doing that;)) so of course the boys lost it even more Kris gave me one of his looks and then Gabe and Kael turned purple trying to let one fly. Nicholas has kept his composure during this and stated that "You know those farts really belong to the Fart king and he just sends them down from Heaven, they are really his property!!" HEHE

Monday, November 3, 2008

Political Advice BY: Nicholas

So tonight as we were eating dinner we were talking about everyone's day and what they did. Nicholas told us that they "Voted" today in school. It was so cute, he said that they went down in the lunchroom and stood by the little thing and checked the box. I asked him if he knew who was running and what they were running for. He said that it was for the President of America and that they help us out. He also added that it was a VeRY, VerY busy job. He said that McCain and "Alabama" were running. We then asked who he voted for.................. Um I voted for McCain, you know why................
cause he served his country and you know that "Alabama" didn't!!! I would never vote for anyone who didn't serve his country. Alabama didn't and his name is sort of weird, I'm not being rude mom it's just a weird name. It was soooo funny. I was happy to know that he had been learning about it in school. I thought it was a cute idea to have the kids vote. I guess when Kris picked him up from school he gave another reason why he didn't vote for "Alabama", I will just let you guess about that one:) HA HA

Monday, October 13, 2008

More FoOtBall Pictures

FoOTbALL , fOoTBall, FOoTBaLL!!

Our boys LOVE to play football. Nicholas played flag football for the first time this year. He was a little nervous at first, but ended up really liking it. His team was the Packers. His friend from school was on his team which made it fun. He did a great job!! He liked blocking the best. He is a fast little runner. It was funny he would run to the side lines and get a drink all out of breath and then hustle back ion the feild, after each game he would tell us that he was "exahasted" and needed to rest!! It was a lot of fun watching him play, life is going to be a little crazy when Kael and Gabe are old enough to play So Kael and Gabe were a little upset that they could not be on the team at first, but luckily I had signed them up for this ITTY BITTY FOOTBALL class. It was sooo cute and the boys loved it!! We were bummed that there friend Conor was not on there team but they all still had a good time!! They learned the basic rules, practiced throwing, kicking, hiking, and then at the end they would play a flag football game. It was sooo fun!! They had a ball. During the games when it was there turn to run the ball Kael and Gabe would hike it to each other. It was really funny!! Thanks Charlene for the heads up about the class!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


BATMAN decided to come to our house today. Kris and Gabe have been sick and Nicholas and Kael have bad coughs. I hopefully will get away with a headache. So we were in need of some cheering up. Kael wants to be BATMAN for Halloween and I haven't gotten his costume yet, but..... Luckily Kael got into the costume bin that had been taken away since no one ever cleaned it up and left costumes all over the house, hey who am I kidding my children never pick up anyway, He found and old BATMAN costume that had all the pieces and it fits like a glove!! He was so excited that he put it on along with some nylon stockings ( for his boots of course) and would answer to nothing but BATMAN!!
Me: Everyone upstairs, time for dinner
Kael: Dinner Yeah BATMAN is Hungry, BATMAN can eat
Me: Watch out there is something on your chair
Kael: BATMAN will move it Mom BATMAN has muscles.......... MOM you help me, its heavy
Nick: Kaelster we didn't say the Prayer
Kael: Mom, Can BATMAN go potty?
Me: um lets hope so

and so was the conversations with BATMAN, until he needed to go to bed and put on P.J.'s so he would not ruin his BATMAN outfit. While he was at our house he killed some bad guys and fought some other bad guys. But he did not hurt his moms or dads and he didn't hurt hims brothers!!

Go BYU!!!!

So Kris took Nicholas to his very first college football game, BYU's Homecoming game.
Nicholas was very excited, just he and his dad and crazy Grandpa Dennis (j/k, he knows we love him) Nick had a busy morning after getting his Flag football pictures taken, which only 3 other team members showed up, then he had a Foot Ball game of his own to play in. Nick had a really good run and also did some great blocks. But for the most of the game he was the center. So after the game it was time to get ready for "thee Game" it was supposed to be really cold and possibly rain and/or snow so of course we had to go get Nick some new winter gear. He had had his coat for the past 2 years and it was a little short in the sleeves, so where do we head ..... Cabelas Kris has a whole bunch of points he needed to use up. All Nick cared about was getting some sunglasses and a new beanie, and we all know that I care more about the Jacket color then he does, we just needed him to make sure that it fit. So after getting the Jacket,boots, hat and gloves we headed to eat. Cabelas food is actually quite tasty unless maybe you try the ostrich sandwich. By the time Nick was all ready to go he was wearing the following:
1 skeleton pj top
1 gray thermal long sleeve shirt
1 blue fleece hoody
1 winter coat w/ lining
1 skeleton pj bottom
1 blue athletic pant
1 pair of fleece lined snow pants
1 extra thick pair of socks
North Face snow boots (they hold up in all sorts of crazy weather)
Head & Hands:
1 blue North Face Beanie (Nick Picked out)
Hood From his Jacket
Mittens that fold back into finger gloves
So as we were getting in the car Nick tells me not to turn the car to hot cause he is already sweating!! Ha On the way he also informed us that he only likes 2 football teams Pleasant Grove, he wants to play for them when he gets to high school, and BYU . Go figure good thing that they are both blue and white. So they made it to the game and had a grEaT time, Nicholas didn't put his coat or hat on once and they didn't need either of the 2 blankets that I made them take just in case, Better to be to Warm then to Cold right??? Kris said that Nicholas was awesome and that it was alot of fun!! Thanks Dennis for sharing your tickets!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

General Relief Society Meeting

So it is a tradition in my family for all the girls to get together and go to the Relief society General meeting. We always meet for dinner and then head over, well this year Kyra came and to our surprise Grandma Harris called during dinner and decided that she wanted to come with us after all. It was a good time. We went to Costa Vita for dinner and I tried there nacho's for the first time they were on the special and it came with a drink and I was in much need of a fresh diet coke. they actually were very yummy although if I were to get them again I would get all pork instead of half chicken and half pork! So the meeting was great all the speakers made me want to try harder and Sister Christainson is soo cute and Jolly I just wanted to be by her and have some of her happiness rub off on me!! And Brother Ucdorf? is asways awesome his talk was cute and insiping. I was sitting next to some Grannies and the one leaned over to the other and said that she loved his accent and then thee other agreed so then she said "Man I think he is cute!" It was hilarious. No matter how old you are he is a hot apostle. After we had an interesting tome eating our refreshments we headed out Jen and I were planning to go to the mall and my mom cought wind and said that she wanted to go so We said lets all go and that is when Grandma piped right up and said in a strong voice " I'm not going to the MAll" I laughed and said come on Grannie it will be fun , oh no
Grannie: I Want to go HomE, take me home Carla
( shoves past Jen and I gets in the Car closes the door and buckles her seat belt)
Jen: She not kidding , Grannie really wants to go , Come on Grandma we will will you around in a wheel chair
Jen & I : it will be fun we can get you something pretty HaHA
Grannie: you mean you'll get me a Jazzy!!
We all busted up laughing it was the funniest thing. It was sooo hilarious!! We love you Grannie!!
needless to say we took her home and then went to the mall together. All in all it was a great night!! Thanks everyone !

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Morning BLisS ??

So today is Sunday and last night the boys and Krissy built a fort in the living room. We have been trying to keep the TV off so all the boys were downstairs playing, and of course all heck brakes loose. Gabe freaks out cause he wants his tags that are part of the fort and then Nicholas gets upset since the fort isn't just for him and refuses to let anyone else in . So of course Kris takes the fort down and turns on the very end off the Spoken word. Gabe get his tags and Nicholas is happy cause no one made it into his fort. All is well for about 10 minutes.............. Nicholas rebuilt the fort and wants Kris and I to come and see it, so as we walk in to see it Gabe is laughing ha ha I did it!! He has trashed the fort. Nick screams and starts rebuilding Kris tells Gabe to go to his room. So Kael the innocent party in all of this is playing tigers and Gabe decides to play instead of going to his room there was a growl then a scream. Kris ask Gabe what is wrong and he says Kael bit him, Kael quickly explains that Gabe wasn't being nice to Nick and so he bit him. After Gabe calms down he tells me "mom I have to tell you someting, I was playing Tigers wiff Kaelster and hims just bit my bum and it hurt wreally bad " sniff sniff. So what a wonderful Sunday morning!! I still need to finish my Sharing Time :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Remember When....

The night before Gabe and Kaels blessing Aren't they cute!! Nicholas was pretending that the lizards were coming alive and biting him!
I Had gone out to get my sanity for a moment and Kris came up with a new bottle feeding system ! He was very impressed with himself, I was very upset with him at the time, now I just think that it is funny. Typical Dad I guess.

Time just seems to pass so quickly!! I thought that was hard ha! Life now brings new challenges and new things to worry about. School and hoping kids are nice to
Nick and if he is nice! Wheather Gabe and Keal are tackeling everyone else, are they listening? Have I really taught them what they need to know at this piont in life(i guess I'll always wonder that) Ahh Soccer just ended and now he is enjoying flag football. Kris and I were talking about all the games and we laughed thinking we think we have alot of games to go to now with just one , It will be way more hectic when we have 3 games schedules instead of one, but i have to say I am looking forward to it ya know the "soccor MOM thing".
Nick had his first game last week and was a little nervous to play but once he got there he really enjoyed it. There is a girl on his team named Alicia, she was in his kindergarten class and is now in in 1st grade class as well. When he saw her is said, "wow mom I am really impressed that a girl can play football, "pause "Hey mom what does impressed mean?" I laughed it was pretty funny. The whole time Nick was playing Kael and Gabe were playing a game of there own. It is the most hilarious thing they play a complete football game, they take turns kicking off, they hike the ball, they tackle , and when they make a touch down they throw the ball to the ground and celebrate. The boys were playing Ninja Turtles and they had swords and bats it was Kael and Gabe against Nicholas And Kael yelled out "Are YOu Ready For this ! Yeah!!" and charged Nicholas . It was hilarious. It cracks me up how they just play no script no one telling them how or what to do and they have a fabulous time. They each took turns dying and then they have a break and help each other up and then it is game on right where they left off!!! Our house is total caouis sometimes but they good out ways the bad by far!! Sometimes I Look back at my old pictures and think WoW I can't believe how far we have come!! And we are all still alive!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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My Three Little Boys!

So lately I have been so thankful to be a mom and be able to stay home with my three wild and crazy boys!! Nicholas has been off at school for most of the day, so now I am able to focus more on Kael and Gabe. It has been such a blast we hang out, read stories, go on picnics, and they play so well with each other. Then Nick comes home and we are all super happy to see him and we talk about his day. By that time Kael and Gabe have had enough of me so I am able to catch a few minutes alone with Nicholas. Time just flies by and we can't ever get it back. I am so grateful for the time I have had with Nicholas and now Kael and Gabe. They have brought so much joy and happiness to my life that I can't imagine my life without them. Don't get me wrong its not like everything is daisies and butterflies, but it is all fabulous just the same! Opposition in ALL things right. Seriously they can be so stinkin cute and then in a moment al craziness breaks loose!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of Preschool

Handsome little Gabey Baby!!
Kael refused to wear his back pack by the door he didn't want to ruin it
Aren't they cute! THey are such little possers I love it! I know they should totally be models

Gabe and Kael had been asking everyday since Nicholas started school if it was there turn to go to school. September 2nd finally rolled around and they were so excited. They usually sleep in until 7:30 8:00 ish, not today those little turkey's were up a 6:00am!! I was like you have got to be kidding me, Kael told me that it was ok since the sun was up he is really cute he told me that the moon was gone and that it was morning time and said see come look as we looked out the window he said with a HuGe sMilE on his face "see Thems Suns Up" i couldn't help but smile and then go get them breakfast. THey were so excited to put on there new school shoes and to wear there Spider MAn backpacks. They showed nicholas and said see same as yours. He just smiled
and thought they were acting funny. They wanted to wear there race car shirts and were so suprised to see that they each had one, apprently they have been on another planet the last 3 years of there life. It was like the light bulb went off, Gabe came up to me and said "mom Kaelster has the sames Shirt as me !" and then they gave each other high fives! They were soo happy I was bummed because our video cameras batteries were dead! It was hard to be sad for them to be leaving when thay clearly were so happy. They love school and di not have a problem with me dropping them off at the door! I was a little hurt however they didn't even look twice at me, sniff sniff
Being silly with Daddy before school
playing a little football before walking to meet Conor to go school
and they're off !! Conor is one of their buddies they have a lot of fun togather

Monday, August 18, 2008

All Grown Up

Taking the teacher caramel corn...She loved it!!!

Nicholas's first offical day as a 1st Grader!!! Mom held it together long enough to get him through the door and then lost it..sniff...sniff!
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